Each session has a Chairperson. To help both the speaker and the audience, in this crossdisciplinary environment, the Chairperson is asked to ensure that:

    1) the session is carefully prepared well in advance and that the speakers are familiar with the details of the whole session and understand the spirit of the School and the diversity of the audience.
    2) a very didactic and broad introduction (10-30 min) to the session is provided, either by the first speaker of the session or by the Chairperson. This is particularly important if many in the audience are unfamiliar with the subject matter,
    3) the session starts and ends on time (within no more than 5 min) while avoiding frustration on all sides. Before the start of the session, all technical problems must have been solved and the speakers must be told which signs you will use.
    4) communication between the speakers and the audience is relaxed and informative. Please facilitate this.

To help achieve these goals, do not hesitate to convene an informal meeting with the speakers before the session.