Modelling Complex Biological Systems in the Context of Genomics
Thematic Research School
    March 19th to 23rd 2018, Évry  
INRIA Université d'Évry Val d'Essone Labex Mathématique Hadamard Global Bioenergies Société Française de Biophysique Fondation Fourmentin-Guilbert


The poster abstract (one A4 page maximum length) must be written in English and possibly also in French. You have to use the downloadable templates described below. Once prepared in the mentioned format, you will upload it while registering you to the Thematic School.


The scientific committee encourages the students and post-doc to submit short articles written in English. The students having a selected paper will present it during the "Student Workshop" session.

The scientific committee seeks original articles in English from senior researchers.

Your article will have several levels of broadcasting:

In practice, your article, will have to represent about 6 to 14 pages including figures, using the format of the book (see Manuscript preparation below). It will either use the LaTeX style downloadable below, or written using MS-WORD .doc or .rtf format according to the layout and fonts shown below.


Here are the sizes of margins, width and height of the text, as well as the fonts to use. For inclusion in the proceedings as well as in the book you can put the figures at the appropriate location in the text.

You can download this LaTeX style, these macros and this example to help you to prepare your manuscript

You can look at the PDF file obtained from the LaTeX example to see the format.